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These enchanting storytelling chairs are perfect to create a magical aura when teachers are reading their class a story. They are ideal for school playgrounds and garden play areas and are made to be left outside all year round.
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Story Telling Chair
Story Telling Chair
£295.00 plus VAT

Story Telling Wooden Chair

This is our unique and magical 'story telling chair'. Carved from the trunk of a tree this chair is popular in primary schools for the teacher to sit on while telling a magical story to the children gathered around.

The chair has a wonderfully charismatic bearded face carved into it, with the wording 'ONCE UPON A TIME'.

This chair is hand carved to order so slight variations are to be expected. The chair is finished in a weatherproof UV resistant coating, meaning it can stay outside.

Height of chair including back is 32 inches (82cm). This chair is designed for an adult to sit on comfortably.

Oak Story Telling Chair
Oak Story Telling Chair
£995.00 plus VAT

This enormous storytelling chair is made out of English Oak and is the king of all storytelling chairs.  It can really help to give a special spirit to a space. 

It includes the little owl perched on the top and the engraved wording 'Once upon a time'.

This beautiful chair has a natural oiled finished and is ideal for a school garden area or playground. Children will be enthralled as you sit on this magnificent chair and tell them stories of adventure and magic.

  • Height 6 ft 6 inches (200cm)
  • Width 2 ft (61cm)
Story Telling Throne
Story Telling Throne
Chair without Owl£495.00 plus VAT
Chair with Owl£545.00 plus VAT

This oversize storytelling throne acts as a wonderful focal point to any story telling area.  It includes the engraved wording 'Once upon a time'.

The owl can be bought as an extra to give the throne even more character.

This solid wood story telling chair has a natural oiled finish.

  • Height 3 ft 6 inches (107cm)
  • Width 2 ft (61cm)
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