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Wooden Animal Memorials

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We are occasionally asked to carve animal memorials and they can be all sorts of size and type of animal. Shown here we have a memorial which the parents of a young boy who died gave to the school. This young boy loved lions and especially very yellow ones! The lion shown here is life size and was carved so that it could be played on and enjoyed at the school. 

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Commissioning a memorial is intensely personal, and because of this, we do our very best to do justice to the memory of loved ones. Oak is our preferred timber for memorials because of its simple strength and durability. We are very happy to discuss any particular ideas for memorials that you may have, with no obligation on your part. We have the skills here to do almost anything that you may want in wood. From a simple memorial to something more elaborate which really captures the spirit of a loved one, or something that they really loved..
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