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Ben May
Ben May

Ben May - about the artist


Ben May lives and works in the heart of North Devon's unspoilt countryside. He is a craftsman who makes his living out of continuing ancient woodland crafts and practices. All Ben's products and services follow proven environmentally sound principles and practices.

Ben grew up in Africa, where his father was a farmer. After school, he worked on a farm in Yorkshire for a year before doing a Bsc in Agriculture at Wye College, London University. After that, he worked for Unigate as a management trainee and then in computing for a couple of years. Next, he did a two year Ma in Landscape design at Sheffield University, prior to working for ADAS (Agricultural Development Advisory Service) for a further two years as a Landscape Architect .

Still not happy with his lot in life, he decided to set up his own business. The idea was to try and prove to himself that he could make money from doing something environmentally friendly. He has had his own business now for 11 years and the business has come a long way from the initial days of making charcoal and extracting timber with horses.

He now has a small farm and is passionate about being sustainable and producing all his own high quality meat and vegetables.(see philosophy section about Lower Upcott). Ben is helped in the business by his amazing mother, Tessa. He also often has volunteers who come and help in return for board and lodging and an insight into a different and traditional way of life.

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