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These stylish oak seats offer a unique and attractive seating solution. Our oak cubes are versatile as well as durable and will enhance all styles of interior and exterior design. All prices on this page include delivery.
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Oak Cube Seat / Side Table
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Oak Cube Seat / Side Table
Treated with Danish Oil£275.00

Our ‘Love Oak’ solid cubes make an attractive and versatile addition to any interior or exterior. They make great ergonomic seating blocks or flipped on their side to create a smooth surface for a sculpted side table. Grouped in a line the cubes offer a highly unusual designer seating solution.

The soft honeyed tones of natural oak work well in any setting, from traditional rustic to sleek minimalist; these cubes create a talking piece and design detail that will endure the test of time.

oak cube seat

They are available with a Danish oil finish or may also be purchased untreated.

Please be aware that because these oak cubes are a natural product, they are affected by movement which occurs as the wood dries or takes in moisture. oak sculpturesThis leaves cracks in the timber blocks which are all part of the character of each individual oak sculpture. Strength is not compromised.

  •  Size 40cm x 40cm x 40cm 
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