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Our English Totems can be a powerful way of putting across information.We mostly make totems for schools who want to educate in a fun way, but we also make totems which can be used for signage or as a memorial.
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Bug Totem in Oak
Bug Totem in Oak
£2,500.00 plus VAT

BUGS: a perennial favourite when it comes to children of all ages.

Some creepy-crawly, some cute, we can feature a collection of high relief sculpted bugs and their habitats the entire length of the totem. The insects crawl and slither their way round the full circumference of the totem and feature bright colours and etched details as well as sculpted forms.

 Height - 2.3m above the ground.

We are happy to discuss doing whatever type of totem you like. The possibilities are endless........

Bug Totem in Western Red Cedar
Bug Totem in Western Red Cedar
£833.33 plus VAT

This Bug Totem is made in locally grown Western Red Cedar and is 6ft (1.8m) in height.

Totems Made to Order
Totems Made to Order

We can make almost any totem to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas to discuss.

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