Wooden Animals

Garden Sculpture - Wooden Animals (24 carvings)
Free UK delivery We have a unique collection of wooden animals and wooden birds which act as a wonderful talking point and introduce a sense of fun to your garden. They can bring to life those forgotten corners, or feature them in any part of the garden to add originality.
These distinctive garden sculptures are carved from wood that contains naturally protective resins which have incredibly durable properties and so will last for many years.
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Wooden Owl
code: GSA1
Wooden Owl
Personalised wording£10.00

This beautiful carved owl acts as a splendid ornament for any garden. The top is flat so it can also be used as a very handy side table.

It is coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin.

As an ideal group gift, or for a special occasion, or just to make your owl sculpture really special, we can offer the option of adding wording of your choice for an additional £10. 

Please enter your personalised wording in the special instructions box during the checkout process.

  • Height 19" (48cm)
  • Width 13" (33cm)
wooden owl


"Hi Ben. Just to say thank you very much - my brother received his owl yesterday and he’s delighted with it. My five year old niece has named it Woody and it’s proudly sitting in his back garden." Kim
"Ben, my owl arrived yesterday and I LOVE him. He's even better than I'd hoped for. Thank you for such a brilliant service." Emma
"Just wanted to thank you all so very much for the speedy response in sending the Owl to Norfolk. My cousin is delighted and thinks it is absolutely beautiful. We now have 2 owls in the family from Forest Crafts!" Margaret
Wooden Hedgehog Ball
Wooden Hedgehog Ball
Small Hedgehog£235.00
Large Hedgehog£299.00

Made in oak,these hedgehog balls are just too cute for words and you couldn’t possible look at one without raising a smile. Available in two sizes. This is one of our hottest new designs.

They are coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin.

  • Small – 30cm diameter
  • Large - 40cm diameter
Wooden Woodpecker Garden Sculpture
Wooden Woodpecker Garden Sculpture

This lovely woodpecker with its brilliant colours is 30cm long and can be simply fixed from woodpecker to tree using a metal pin, adding an extra dimension to your garden. The realism and oversized scale of this, will definitely attract a second glance to see if the bird is real.

  • Height 30cm (approx)
Wooden Rocking Duck Garden / Play Sculpture
code: DUCK
Wooden Rocking Duck Garden / Play Sculpture

Larger than life and great fun, this massively oversized duck has been carved to double up as a sit on rocking toy. The new duck jockey was overjoyed with his mount and his parents delighted by their highly unusual piece of garden sculpture.

  • Length 95cm (approx)
"I have only just returned from my holidays so yesterday was the first time i saw the duck your husband carved. Can i say what a delight it is and i would like you to pass on our thanks to your husband. The staff say the children love it and their has not been a moment when somebody has not been using it." Ketrina
Wooden Rabbit Garden Sculpture
code: RABBIT
Wooden Rabbit Garden Sculpture

What a sweetie, this life sized carved wooden rabbit will sit happily in even the most decorative of gardens and won’t be tucking into your prize blooms!

Wooden Squirrel Garden Sculpture
code: SQUIR
Wooden Squirrel Garden Sculpture

This is one squirrel that won’t be attacking your nuts! Life sized and highly detailed he appears to scamper realistically up trees in search of some mischief.

Sitting Squirrel Wooden Garden Sculpture
Sitting Squirrel Wooden Garden Sculpture

Cyril the sitting squirrel spends all day in the tree rummaging around and quietly eating his nuts.

This little chap bears all the endearing features of the real thing but none of the associated problems so you can enjoy the sight of a squirrel in your oak tree without sacrificing your acorns!

Our carved wooden squirrel makes a delightful garden feature and brings alive an area otherwise unnoticed.

  • Size - Life Size
  • Treated with an outdoor child friendly lacquer
squirrel garden sculpture
Carved Wood Bat Sculpture Garden Feature
code: BAT
Carved Wood Bat Sculpture Garden Feature

Enjoy the company of our lifelike carving of a bat in flight! This intricate and lifelike wooden sculpture will certainly create a talking point and attract much attention as he swoops around the eaves.

Treated with an exterior matt lacquer.

Size: Approx 12” (30cm) wide and 11” high.

If you would like fixing points to be attached to the bat, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dolphin Garden Sculpture
Dolphin Garden Sculpture

This beautiful dolphin garden sculpture is made entirely from oak with a natural oiled finish.  The tail end has been carved so that it can be embedded into the ground. 

A stunning piece of ornamental garden artwork which would look particularly outstanding if placed near a water feature or pond.  

  • Height 5 ft - 6 ft (153 - 183cm) above the ground
Tortoise Sculpture
code: GSA2
Tortoise Sculpture

This enormous tortoise is 34" (86cm) long and makes a wonderful feature in any garden. It is so life like that it looks as if it is on the move.

It is coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin.

Price includes UK Mainland delivery.

Limited to 100 pieces. Each piece is numbered.

Ornamental Hedgehog
code: GSA4
Ornamental Hedgehog

A larger than life carved wooden hedgehog to give character to a garden.

  • Length 17" (43cm) approx
Hand Sculpted Wooden Mole Garden Feature
code: MOLE
Hand Sculpted Wooden Mole Garden Feature

This endearing portrayal of a mole emerging from beneath the ground will raise a smile with even the most cynical of gardeners.  

Carefully carved to depict this seldom seen creature as it surfaces from its tunnelling; this hand sculpted wooden mole can be placed anywhere in the garden and obviously is very at home on a manicured lawn! 

Coated with a child friendly outdoor lacquer for protection.

Width approx 40cm (16”) from hand to hand.

Wooden Mouse - Childrens Garden Seat
code: MOUSE
Wooden Mouse - Children's Garden Seat

This cute mouse is just under a foot (30cm) high and a couple of feet (61cm) long.

It's just about the right height for toddlers to sit on.

Treated with a UV resistant varnish so is suitable to be left in the garden.

Hand carved from a solid piece of wood. Modelled here by Ben's dog Jack.

Carved Wood Robin Garden Sculpture
code: ROBIN
Carved Wood Robin Garden Sculpture

Often whilst we are sculpting in our workshop we are visited by a friendly robin who watches us working and treats us to his delightful song. This little visitor was the inspiration for our robin carving and we think he would be rather pleased with the results!

Our wooden robin can’t sing but he will lend a cheerful air to most settings.

Treated with an exterior matt lacquer.

Size: approx 1.5 times size of a real robin.

This beautiful little robin garden sculpture has metal rods for legs which can be slotted into pre-drilled holes.  Why not drill two holes into a wooden spade handle or a fence post or rail and sit the robin on top for an eye catching garden feature.

Wooden Sheep Garden/Playground Sculpture
code: SHEEP
Wooden Sheep Garden/Playground Sculpture

There’s no butts about it. This adorable addition to the Forest Crafts Farm will while away the hours on your lawn or in your playground and you will never hear a baaaaad comment! This life size sculpted sheep sports realistic characteristics and markings and he is quite content to be climbed all over as well. Shaun, our friendly sheep, makes a great pet especially as no feeding or herding is required.

  • Length 90 cm (approx)   
  • Height 60 cm (approx)

Made from Douglas fir which is grown sustainably and is structurally strong. Treated with an outdoor child friendly lacquer.

Hand Carved Wooden Snake Garden Sculpture
code: SNAKE
Hand Carved Wooden Snake Garden Sculpture

This intricately hand carved snake is coiled and ready to slither or pounce. Either way our highly unusual wooden garden sculpture will attract attention and interest. 

Treated with a child friendly outdoor lacquer for protection. 

Size: width approx 18” (45cm)

Wooden Crocodile
Wooden Crocodile

This stunning wooden crocodile is certainly not something you see every day!

Designed and hand carved by the artist Ben May, this incredible seven foot (214cm) long wooden croc cannot help but create a stir in your garden.

This sculpture is carved from a suitable durable wood and treated with a UV and moisture resistant coating so it can stay out on your lawn all year. Loved by kids and grown-ups alike. If you have a big enough pond, why not put him by the side to lie in wait?

Available only from Forest Crafts, this is a limited edition of 100.

"Just to let you know that Croc arrived yesterday and I’m delighted with him. He’s lying all covered up waiting for the children to unwrap him this afternoon and they will be so excited!" Judith
"I received the crocodile and I have had to write and say how pleased I am with it. It has been beautifully made and looks really good in the garden. I am having a bridge made to go over the river and soon he will sitting by the bridge. " Janet
Carved Fox
code: FOX
Carved Fox

This beautiful carved fox is life size and looks great trotting through the garden. Treated with a UV resistant varnish. Chickens not included!

Wise Monkey Limited Edition Sculpture
code: MONK
Wise Monkey Limited Edition Sculpture

A large Wise Monkey reading a book.

Carved from western red cedar and coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin. The page the monkey is reading is inscribed with the words 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'.

  • Height 40" (102cm) - Over 3 feet tall - a real eyecatcher!
  • Width 23" (59cm)

Price includes UK Mainland delivery.

Monkey Sculpture Hear No Evil
Monkey Sculpture 'Hear No Evil'

A large Wise Monkey Garden Sculpture 'Hear No Evil'. 

Carved from solid wood and coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin, this exclusive monkey sculpture creates an outstanding garden feature.

  • Height 40 inches (approx)

Price includes UK Mainland delivery.

"Hi Ben, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for our monkey!! He is amazing!! " Cate
Monkey Sculpture See No Evil
Monkey Sculpture 'See No Evil'

A large Wise Monkey Garden Sculpture 'See No Evil'. 

Carved from solid wood and coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin, this exclusive monkey sculpture creates an outstanding garden feature.


  • Height 40 inches (approx)

Price includes UK Mainland delivery.


A magnificent carved wooden giraffe, standing taller than a man!!

Ben has placed this fine fellow next to a tree where he is happily chewing the upper branches.

Ben is happy to discuss creating a unique commission if there is a certain animal you would like made.

"Dear Ben I know I said it more than once but thankyou again for my really wonderful addition to our school. He is so much better than I could ever imagined and I cannot wait to see the expressions on the children's faces when they arrive on Monday morning." Penny
code: DEER
Life sized Carved Doe£2,300.00
Life sized Carved Fawn£950.00
Life sized Doe and Fawn£3,100.00

Beautiful life size doe and fawn, alert in the woodland.

Ben May is happy to discuss any special commissions for animals you want made specially for you.

Dragonfly and Flute
code: GSO1
Dragonfly and Flute
Dragonfly only£99.50
Flute only£99.95
Dragonfly and Flute£195.00

The sculptural flute looks magical when seen coming up through a herbaceous border and is a very popular drinking vessel or food receptacle for birds.

The flute comes with a metal spike to fix it into the ground, and if used as a bird bath,  should be kept full of water to prevent any cracking of the wood.

The dragonfly looks wonderful when drinking water from the flute or perched on a branch by water.

Both pieces are covered in a UV light resistant waterproof resin.

The dragonfly has a short unnoticeable metal spike coming out underneath its body between the legs. Simply drill a small hole 6mm wide and fit the short spike on the dragonfly into the hole.

They are available to purchase separately or together.

  • Dragonfly: Length 22" (56cm) Width 39" (100cm)
  • Flute: Height 42" (107cm) Width 10" (26cm)
"Just wanted to say how pleased my brothers and I are with the bird bath we purchased for our Mum's birthday. It looks fantastic and our Mum is delighted." Jo
"Dear Tessa, Will you please pass on our heartfelt thanks for a truly stunning piece of artwork 'The Flute& Dragonfly'. We received it this morning and were astounded at the sheer craftsmanship of the sculpture, it now resides beautifully in our garden. " Stephen D
"Dear Tessa, Just to let you know that the dragon fly and flute I ordered, arrived safely today. My wife is delighted; it is a truly beautiful piece and we cannot wait to get it out into the garden where it will take pride of place. " Nick
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